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An Incentive-Based Program Targets Strategic Defaulters
National Mortgage News – July 19, 2010 
Loan Value Group, LLC was featured in an article in National Mortgage News on July 19th entitled An Incentive-Based Program Targets Strategic Defaulters. The article addresses the benefits of the Responsible Homeowner Reward program (RH Reward) to both borrowers and lenders. Frank Pallotta of RH Reward is quoted as saying that once the mortgage balance is paid in full either by a home sale, refinance, or paying off of the mortgage, the homeowner can withdraw the entire RH Reward. Often the program helps borrowers repair their personal balance sheets and avoid default. "These borrowers are looking for help, not a bailout. A default-strategic or otherwise-helps no one." The article mentions that the program's increase in popularity is due to a structure that enables at-risk owners to address several accounting, technology of scale, fairness, timing, cost and legal issues.