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Loan Value Group’s Frank Pallotta Featured on the Lykken on Lending Radio Program

Establishing a relationship with the homeowner geared toward education and awareness of mortgage alternatives may be the key to HARP’s  

Rumson, N.J., April 19, 2013 – In an interview on the Lykken on Lending Radio Program, which is the first in a series featuring the latest mortgage servicing concepts and ideas, Loan Value Group LLC’s Frank Pallotta draws attention to the need for servicers to implement proactive strategies designed to help assist high-risk homeowners.

“Historically, loan servicing has been a reactive process. There needs to be a more proactive strategy in place long before that borrower goes into distress or default,” said Pallotta. “Simple conversations with borrowers, educating them on what alternatives are available to make payment of their loan manageable, can go a long way in keeping the borrower current.” The government’s HARP program represents a unique and significant financial incentive for the homeowner. Every effort should be made to make high-risk borrowers a primary focus.

In an interview that took place this week, Pallotta discussed:

  • The lack of a connection between servicers and homeowners, and what servicers can do to close that gap.
  • Why the relationship between homeowner and servicer is more important than ever.
  • Why HARP, a program designed to help underwater borrowers, may not be helping those who need it the most.
  • How implementing a targeted outreach program to HARP high-risk loans will not create an operational burden for servicers.

About Loan Value Group LLC

Founded in 2008, Loan Value Group, LLC is a large scale, turn-key provider of private label, residential mortgage incentive strategies that positively influence consumer payment behavior on behalf of residential mortgage risk owners and servicers. Based in Rumson, New Jersey, LVG is the creator and exclusive provider of the Responsible Homeowner Reward® program, named one of the "50 Best Inventions" by TIME Magazine.