About LVG Cash

LVG Cash is an independent online loan website.
We collect information from different online loan companies and do the due diligence to save you time when you have none.

LVG Cash Disclosure

Some of the loan companies have an affiliate program for referrals and this allows us to spend the time searching and contacting companies for more information.
We may receive a small monetary fee from the company if and when you take out a loan, but the company will pay this and this will never come from you. We never expect you to pay us anything and we offer this service as free to the end user.

LVG Cash licencing and listings licencing

We do not offer loans and as such we have no lender licence or need for one.
All of the websites and companies we promote on the website will always be fully licensed in their respective states when we add them to the site and we will try and verify all of these licences are renewed, so we do not end up losing sites with an expired licence.