Payday Loans in Idaho

Idaho Payday Loans From Direct Loan Lenders

There are several choices for payday loans in Idaho, but most have really high interest rates due to the nature of the product.

We have some options for getting a loan until payday with much better APR and more flexible options for paying the loan back.

The way the annual percentage rate for payday loans are calculated makes no sense if you think about it.

You may only need a payday loan for one to two weeks and you may only pay back a small amount of interest, but the legal way we need to display the APR is annually.

Displaying an annual cost for a product or service you use for only 2 weeks is like displaying the entire yearly cost of staying in a hotel when you are looking for a 2 week vacation so it could be considered misleading even though that’s the correct legal way.

We want to make it clear on all the amounts you are borrowing and all the amounts you need to pay back.

All the loans for Idaho and especially the payday loans we cover on this site have very different interest rates as well as terms and conditions so we need you to read the small print and all the disclosures to make sure you understand the loan and if it will be right for your own specific circumstances.

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Typical loans amounts are between $250 and $1000.  The providers we us do not just look at your credit score.

Your fico score is just part of the application process and there are many other factors that allow the direct loan lender to approve you for a loan, even when many other would reject you.

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