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LVG Media Coverage

Bloomberg News - January 29, 2014
Subprime Makes Comeback as ’Nonprime’: Frank Pallotta of Loan Value Group weighs in on the evolution of the subprime mortgage marketplace.  

American Banker - January 22, 2014
In an article by Kate Berry of American Banker, Frank Pallotta of Loan Value Group expresses views on the need for a unique, third party, consumer outreach initiative in order to quickly and preemptively address future ‘Payment Shock’ on resetting HELOCS.  

National Mortgage News - December 24, 2013
Frank Pallotta of Loan Value Group offers some cautionary advice to those looking to acquire mortgage servicing rights.  

National Mortgage News - July 22, 2013
Loan Value Group Launches Marketing and Retention Products - Loan Value Group has launched marketing and retention products aimed at building originations and retaining customers to counteract the recent uptick in rates.  

National Mortgage News - April 17, 2013
Shortening the Long and Winding Road to HARP Assistance - Loan Value Group's Frank Pallotta writes in National Mortgage News about how LVG’s HARP Catalyst Programs have helped simplify the HARP assistance process for both homeowners and lenders.  

American Banker - March 6, 2013
Focus on Easy Refis Leaves Harp's Potential Unfulfilled - Loan Value Group's Frank Pallotta writes in American Banker that the focus of the HARP refinance program should be on finding relief for the largest percentage of high risk borrowers.  

DS News - March 4, 2013
Mortgage and default servicing professionals are on a never-ending search for better solutions to the problems associated with the nature of the business: how to communicate with—or even find—delinquent homeowners, how to encourage borrowers to stay current on their payments. DS News discusses how Loan Value Group is working to solve this problem. View the PDF here.  

Close with Pam - February 21, 2013
Pam Marron covers LVG's work with the State of Arizona to assist homeowners with the HARP refinance program.  

The Fiscal Times - October 24, 2012
With more homeowners walking away from their homes and their mortgages, The Fiscal Times reviews progress being made by programs like the Responsible Homeowner Reward to keep homeowners from walking away.  

National Mortgage News - October 2, 2012
Radian Guaranty Inc. begins offering Responsible Homeowner Rewards to certain borrowers who recently modified their mortgage under the HAMP program in an effort to remain current.  

DS News - October 2, 2012
Radian partners with Loan Value Group to offer program that rewards on-time payments with cash.  

Housing Wire - October 2, 2012
Radian, Loan Value Group offer cash rewards to HAMP borrowers.  

Mortgage Technology News - September, 2012
In September's issue of Mortgage Technology magazine, LVG's Frank Pallotta provides his expertise surrounding HARP and homeowner incentive programs like the Responsible Homeowner Reward. See page 26 to read more.  

Bloomberg TV - August 15, 2012
Bloomberg TV's 'Bottom Line' features LVG's Frank Pallotta, who discusses the current outlook for the U.S. mortgage market and housing industry.  

Lykken On Lending - August 6, 2012
LVG's Frank Pallotta is featured on David Lykken's "Lykken on Lending" radio program, in which he discusses LVG's innovative approach to incentives in the mortage space. Listen to the show here.  

Wall Street Journal - July 30, 2012
Nick Timiraos of the Wall Street Journal discusses how principal forgiveness and programs like Loan Value Group's Responsible Homeowner Reward can help solve the negative equity problem.  

American Banker - July 16, 2012
Eminent domain is no solution to the negative equity problem, writes LVG's Frank Pallotta for American Banker.  

Irish Independent - June 25, 2012
LVG Managing Partner Frank Pallotta spoke with the Irish Independent about how mortgage incentive programs like the RH Reward are working in the US and could have similar positive effects in Europe.  

Economía - June 23, 2012
LVG Academic Advisor and Wharton professor Alex Edmans presented in Spain on the effects of mortgage incentives. View the PDF here.  

Servicing Management Magazine - April 25, 2012
LVG Managing Partner Frank Pallotta writes for Servicing Management Magazine that today's mortgage market must adapt and evolve to encourage borrowers to keep up with their loan payments. View the PDF here.  

American Banker - April 24, 2012
LVG's Frank Pallotta weighs in on when owners of risk should forgive principal in American Banker's BankThink column.  

Mortgage Orb - April 16, 2012
Loan Value Group Managing Partner Frank T. Pallotta writes in Mortgage Orb Magazine that using incentives can positively influence borrowers to keep up with their loan payments  

DS News - March 29, 2012
LVG Hires Two Directors of Sales for Its RH Reward Program  

Housing Predictor - March 21, 2012
Loan Value Group Launches "Mortgage Accelerated Payment Program"  

The Baltimore Sun - February 22, 2012
The Baltimore Sun's Real Estate Wonk blog weighs in on the Responsible Homeowner Reward  

Air Force Times - February 9, 2012
Consumer Watch: Refinance program gives ‘underwater’ homeowners breathing room  

MortgageOrb - December 12, 2011
Arch Bay Capital Pilots Borrower-Incentive Program  

Mortgage Servicing News - December 2, 2011
Some Strive to Address Risks that Make Market Wary of VA Servicing  

Mortgage Banking - November 1, 2011
GMAC launches Responsible Homeowner Reward pilot for veterans  

REJ Blog - October 21, 2011
Should lenders pay homeowners not to walk away from their mortgage loans?  

National Mortgage News - October 17, 2011
GMAC Testing Rewards with Some Veterans  

DS News - October 14, 2011
GMAC Extends Default-Deterring Incentives to VA Homeowners  

Realtor.com - October 13, 2011
GMAC Extends Hand To Veterans With Underwater Mortgages  

The New York Times - October 5, 2011
Freddie and Fannie Reject Debt Relief: Mortgage owners and insurers are finding Loan Value Group's RH Reward to be a powerful way to incentivize timely mortgage payments without traditional debt forgiveness.  

American Banker Magazine - September 26, 2011
Pay for Performance: Loan Value Group is taking an innovative approach to decreasing strategic default with its Responsible Homeowner Reward.  

Mortgage Banking Magazine - September 6, 2011
Loan Value Group’s Tyrone Canaday and Frank T. Pallotta explain how the Responsible Homeowner Reward program is one of a new breed of solutions designed to head off strategic default by incorporating behavioral economics.  

Bloomberg News - August 22, 2011
Mortgage Payment Delinquencies Climb in the Second Quarter - Loan Value Group Executive Vice President Frank T. Pallotta spoke with Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line" about the continuing rise of delinquencies, his outlook for the housing market and the impact of negative equity on a homeowners decision to continue paying their mortgage.  

CNBC - July 14, 2011
Falling Home Equity Spurs Fear of Strategic Default  

NuWire Investor - July 14, 2011
Banks Pay Borrower Bonuses to Avoid Foreclosures  

DS News - July 12, 2011
PMI Group, Inc. Launches Reward Program for Homeowners  

HousingWire - July 11, 2011
PMI to pay underwater borrowers to stay put  

Bloomberg News - July 6, 2011
Many potential new homeowners are being stymied by stricter standards now in place for loan approval.  

USA Today - April 24, 2011
As strategic defaults continue to increase, research is showing that strategic defaulters are credit savvy individuals that are likely to respond to the incentives being offered by Loan Value Group's Responsible Homeowner Reward.  

Housing Wire - April 4, 2011
Loan Value Group Executive Vice President Frank T. Pallotta spoke with Housing Wire to explain what the mortgage industry can do now to save itself from increasing losses and avoid unnecessary defaults.  

Bloomberg News - March 16, 2011
Loan Value Group Executive Vice President Frank T. Pallotta spoke with Bloomberg news about the implications of the rising trend of strategic defaults.  

National Mortgage News - March 1, 2011
Loan Value Group, LLC was featured in an article in National Mortgage News on March 1st which addresses the mixed views of distressed portfolio sales in 2011.  

American Banker - January 18, 2011
Loan Value Group's Tyrone Canaday and Frank Pallotta discuss how servicers establishing connectivity with homeowners benefits both sides.  

AOL Real Estate - December 27, 2010
As strategic default gains in popularity, more banks are working with Loan Value Group to offer homeowners the RH Reward, providing a safeguard against strategic default, and a valuable channel of communication with their customers.  

Wall Street Journal - November 10, 2010
Can the country’s mortgage mess be fixed? Wharton School of Finance Professor Alex Edmans discusses the Responsible Homeowner Reward with the Wall Street Journal  

San Francisco Chronicle - October 17, 2010
Mortgage default-prevention program offers payment  

Inman News - October 14, 2010
Rebate for staying current on 'underwater' mortgage - At payoff or sale, 'Responsible Homeowner Reward' can be sizable  

Chicago Sun Times - October 4, 2010
Some lenders offer reward for owners who stick it out  

Knowledge @ Wharton - September 29, 2010
Home Is Where the Money Is: A New Incentive Program Aims to Slow Rising Mortgage Defaults – Wharton finance professor Alex Edmans has researched strategic mortgage default and finds the Responsible Homeowner Reward to be an effective way to utilize the power of incentives to help solve the problem.  

The Wall Street Journal - September 13, 2010
Nick Timiraos of the Wall Street Journal gives an update on Loan Value Group's Responsible Homeowner Reward Program, a private sector solution to the growing problem of strategic mortgage default.  

Fox Business - August 23, 2010
Dangers of Walking Away From Your Mortgage  

Housing Predictor - August 19, 2010
Millions Walking Away from Mortgages Could Still be Helped  

Housing Wire - August 16, 2010
RH Program Extends $90m to Borrowers for Staying Current on Mortgage  

National Mortgage News - July 19, 2010
Loan Value Group, LLC was featured in an article in National Mortgage News on July 19th which addresses the benefits of the Responsible Homeowner Reward program.  

Marketwatch.com - May 17, 2010
Choosing not to pay has consequences beyond damaged credit scores. Frank Pallotta of the RH Reward team discusses how the program can help homeowners facing this decision.  

Housing Predictor - May 17, 2010
Housing Predictor compares the RH Reward program and some options being considered by the Obama administration.  

Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter - May 8, 2010
Bryan Ellis discusses the merits and early successes of the RH Reward program.  

DSNews.com - May 7, 2010
DSNews.com continues its coverage of the RH Reward program, noting the total of $86 million in total RH Rewards offered to date.  

NuWireInvestor.com - April 29, 2010
Creative Solutions From Private Sector May Help Troubled Homeowners - NuWire Investor discusses Loan Value Group's innovative RH Reward program, aimed at solving the problem of strategic default.  

HousingPredictor.com - April 28, 2010
Former Goldman Sachs Banker May Save Millions from Foreclosure - HousingPredictor.com discusses the effect that the RH Reward program is having for homeowners that are underwater on their mortgage.  

Central Valley Business Times - April 28, 2010
Strategic default? Foreclosure? Or a reward to stick it out? Loan Value Group Executive Vice President Frank T. Pallotta discusses the RH Reward program with California's Central Valley Business Times.  

The Today Show - April 20, 2010
After speaking with Loan Value Group, Jeanne Chatzky addresses strategic default and an incentives-based solution on the Today Show.  

American Banker - April 1, 2010
Loan Value Group Executive Vice President Frank Pallotta discusses various proposed solutions to strategic default.  

Nationalmortgageprofessional.com - March 22, 2010
Loan Value Group rewards responsible homeowners through new program  

Bloomberg News - February 19, 2010
Obama Announces $1.5 Billion in Aid for Homeowners  

DS News - February 12, 2010
Company Proposes Paying Homeowners Not to Walk Away

HousingWire - February 9, 2010
New Program Rewards Current Mortgage Borrowers  

Realtor.org - February 9, 2010
Will Rewarding Borrowers Prevent Defaults?  

Listed: A Blog by MSN Real Estate - February 8, 2010
They'll pay you if you don't walk away  

Relistr - February 8, 2010
Pay Homeowners Not to Walk Away From Their Mortgages  

The Wall Street Journal - February 8, 2010
Pay Borrowers to Pay Their Mortgage  

RethinkRealEstate.com - January 13, 2010
A 2010 paper by Tara-Nicholle Nelson finds that 80% of homeowners surveyed believe it is morally wrong to walk away from a house when one can afford to pay the monthly mortgage.  

Structured Finance News - December 21, 2009
Loan Value Group Appoints Two Members to its Board  

US News & World Report - December 8, 2009
Obama Housing Rescue Whiffs on 'Underwater' Headaches